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ampilabAMPLIlab is an open platform intended for performing rapid, accurate Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), meanwhile real-time measuring nucleic acid signals from DNA-binding fluorescent dyes or labeled probes and converting them to comparative quantitative readouts of DNA or reverse transcribed RNA.

Fully-automated Molecular Diagnostics Instrument for Clinical Diagnostics Real-time PCR System for Molecular Biology Analysis


Fully automated medical PCR analysis system. This product has many advantages such as scientific and efficient temperature control system and optoelectronic system, powerful and easy-to-use software analysis functions, and humanized control methods. Easy to implement downstream multiple gene detection, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, HRM analysis and other applications.

4-channel synchronous detection

Four kinds of conventional excitation and detection channels, compatible with most fluorescent dyes and probe types, enabling detection of absolute quantification, relative quantification, and genotyping; introduction of the FRET (Fluorescence Energy Resonance Transfer) channel enables users to have low fluorescence background values. The need for high-sensitivity detection makes detection more convenient, professional and accurate.

Diversified operation methods

Based on the one-to-one control of the classic external computer, it has creatively introduced the remote operation of the local area network and local operation mode of the instrument. The built-in 10.4-inch touch screen is equipped with self-developed control software, experimental settings, real-time monitoring of experiments, and instrument settings

High sensitive and precise optical system

The fluorescence excitation light source adopts the bright long-life LED, and the fluorescence detection system is maintenance free.

The optical system is located on the upper part of the instrument. During operation, the top is excited and scanned. There is no need to worry about the adverse effects of dust in the vent post.

The compact and scientific and logical optical system integrates four fluorescence detection channels to achieve a number of technological breakthroughs. At the same time, it increases the temperature control to ensure the accuracy and stability of fluorescence detection.

It takes only 7 seconds to complete a one-by-one scan of 96 channels of 4 fluorescence channels, with high efficiency and no fluorescence edge effect.

Accurate and efficient temperature control system

Based on the Peltier effect, six semiconductor cooling sheets are arranged under the Block. The temperature uniformity, accuracy, and temperature rise/fall rate are all significantly improved, shortening the experimental period, realising the temperature gradient function, eliminating the need for annealing temperatures in the past. Repeatedly explored to improve the efficiency of the experiment.

Powerful and complete software features

According to the needs of users in different industries AMPLIlab has various function modules such as absolute quantification, relative quantification, SNP analysis, HRM analysis, etc. The custom report template function highlights the fine and professional detection reports. The right management function further protects your experimental data and ensure data security.

Reserve fully automated features

The sample bin can be ejected and closed by software control, leaving an interface for the loading of the PCR plate in the fully automatic nucleic acid detection workstation at the later stage. The open LIS port is compatible with the current mainstream LIS system and serves as a station for sample information and experimental data, conduction and integration to make technical preparations.

Intimate auxiliary functions

Real-time storage of experimental data during experimental operation.

Automatic power-off protection function avoid the loss of experimental data and waste of reagents due to abrupt abnormal power-off, automatic execution of unfinished experiments after power restoration, and the formation of a complete experimental data report.

With the intelligent troubleshooting function, the system can intelligently determine the type of fault and provide the scope of maintenance and inspection, which facilitates the later maintenance of the equipment.

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